Green Habanero Hot Sauce


This Habanero Pepper Sauce begins with Habaneros grown in the gardens of Subiaco Abbey by Benedictine monks. These are unique Habanero peppers from Belize brought back by the monks from their time in mission in that Central American country. The intensity of the heat scale for these peppers is enhanced by the hot and dry Arkansas summers and the cool and moist Arkansas fall. These peppers are left to grow to their maximum ripeness and then picked just before they change to the color red. This gives the green sauce a distinctive flavor from the red, but with all the intensity of the heat. The peppers are then blended into a monastic recipe composed of vinegar, onions, carrots, garlic and salt. This unique cooking, heating, cooling and blending that is required produces a pepper sauce that is not only massively hot, but also one that is intensely flavorful. 


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